Height adjustable buffer PGV 90x250x500

  • Weight: 64 kg
  • Availability: Exists Exists  (10 szt.)
  • szt.
  • Net Price: 575.00 € 575.00 €

Technical specifications:

  • Dimensions: 90x250x500
  • Weight: 64kg
  • Internal code: PK-Z00030

Model A  [mm]  B [mm]
PGV 90    150        90
PGV 140   200       140

A – total dimension
B – dimensions of the rubberized element

PGV-type bumpers constitute one of many solutions offered by PROMStahl, customised to individual needs. Mobile PGV-type bumpers are so-called movable bumpers. A bumper situated nominally on the platform edge level, once activated with a lever, moves up by 250 mm and remains in this position until it is moved back to its rest position. It means that for trucks with a deck higher than the platform level, it is possible to provide protection during docking operations without opening the vehicle door. Protection is also ensured for doors mounted next to the platform edge, where installation of fixed bumpers with supports is problematic.   

Additionally, a tilted bumper works in a floating state, i.e. it is subject to horizontal movements (50 mm up, 250 mm down) along with the surface of a semi-trailer, the suspension of which is subjected to loads during loading operations. By applying the floating system, bumpers are less vulnerable to mechanical damage, which in turns significantly extends their service life. As a standard, the steel structure is hot-dip galvanised which guarantees permanent corrosion protection. All bumpers from PROMStahl are made of high quality rubber. Bumpers are available in two versions of energy absorption component thickness: 90 and 140 mm. A bumper is welded to platform fittings and to the leveller frame, or anchored to the wall.